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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The kind VB series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts a rotor that can form a stone lining during production. When working, the rotor is like a high-speed rotating dry stone pump, continuously throwing the material into the crushing cavity of the equipment. Another part of the material source overflows into the crushing cavity with a certain controlled amount, so the split flow can pressurize the granular materials in the crushing cavity and increase the output capacity. It is widely used in sand making and stone shaping.
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Technical parameter

Principal Features

1. Novel and unique structure, simple and reasonable, balanced operation, low operating cost.

2. The machine has "Stone-To-Stone” mode and “Stone-To-Iron" mode, it is easy to shift the working mode. One machine can be for multiple purposes with sand making and stone crushing. "Stone-To-Stone” working mode reduces the parts wearing and lower producting costs.

3. Low energy consumption, high output capacity, large crushing ratio, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. The machine can shape the stone and make the stone with cubic shape with large bulk density.

5. In the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom layer, the machine body is durable and free of wearing.

6. A small quantity of wearable parts are made of super hard and wear-resistant materials, they are small size, light weight, and easy to replace.

7. it is with air self-circulation system to reduce dust.

8. It is less affected by the material moisture content, and the moisture content can be about 8%.

9. The main shaft bearing is lubricated by a thin oil station, which can realize automatic control and accident alarm.

10. The top cover is lifted by hydraulic system, which is easy to operate.

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