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Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high efficiency crusher suitable for medium and fine crushing operations. The unique dilute oil station lubrication system and PLC control system can realize the dynamic stepless adjustment of the clearance of the crushing chamber. Different from the traditional hydraulic cone crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is more intelligent, convenient and fast! Application: mainly used for crushing raw materials in metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical and silicate industries. Can use concrete foundation or steel structure foundation, fixed, mobile occasions can be selected.
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Technical parameter

Principal Features

·Transmission gear

Large and small spiral bevel gears can achieve large torque and high energy efficiency transmission.

·Curve crushing cavity

According to the material lamination crushing principle and the cavity wall wear characteristics, the cavity type is designed as a curve, which can ensure the goal of large crushing output capacity, superior quality final stone and low wear cost.

AutoRun automatic control system

It can realize overload protection, iron crossing protection, automatic liner wear compensation, etc.. By material full feeding into the crushing chamber, it can maximize the crushing efficiency.

·Adjustable eccentricity

The combination of eccentric copper sleeve and eccentric sleeve can be installed in different keyways of the eccentric copper sleeve by keys to easily realize multiple eccentricity settings to adapt to the requirements of different ore and working conditions, so as to achieve full silo feeding.

Overload protection system

Hydraulic system and electric joints together protect the machine with overload work and make the damage as less as possible when overload work.

Reliable hydraulic lubrication system

The lubrication system and hydraulic system are designed according to the modular design and operate independently. It can protect oil temperature, oil flow, oil pressure, motor power, and abnormal power supply by interlocking with the main machine motor .


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