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Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Horizontal vibrating screen is designed by SAN FEI company which introduced Taiwan Minyu technology with the principle of axis eccentricity. The thin oil lubrication greatly improves the lifetime of the bearing and shaft. The machine is with horizontal installation and make the stone with the jump rolling on the screen surface , it is suitable for small particles cleaning with good effective.
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Technical parameter

Principal Features

The linear vibrating screen consists of two unbalanced eccentric shafts running with reverse direction to produce a strong linear vibration movement to realize screening work. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, anti-sticking, and suitable for small material screening.

Advanced design and strict quality control ensure stronger excitation force of the machine. The material can move quickly on the screen mesh, so our linear vibrating screen can process more materials than other vibrating screen of other manufacturers.

For wet materials, the linear vibrating screen has a better dewatering effect in actual use.

This linear vibrating screen is larger processing capacity and can avoid stone blockage effectively, and is suitable for small size stone screening work. 


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