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Multi-Roll Crusher

Multi-Roll Crusher

Multi-roll crusher is a high efficient crusher for small material crushing (mainly for sand making industry) which is introduced from Taiwan technology and continuously innovated and developed by Shanghai Shanfei.It adopts full hydraulic adjustment and protection system, advanced intelligent PLC control system, and high-strength wear-resistant alloy crushing rollers. The high squeezing force and shear force generated by the rotation can repeatedly crush the material.It can effectively increase the output capacity for sand making and adjust the gradation and effectively reduce the fineness modules.
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Technical parameter

Principal Features

1.The machine with unique four-roller design, the final crushed stone is with diamond-shaped, good gradation and less needle flakes.

2. High sand making efficiency, sand making rate up to 60%.

3. Low energy consumption, only 1.5kW power consumption for one ton sand producing.

4. Using the principle of stone and stone extrusion and high-alloy wear-resistant new materials, the wearing parts is longer using lifetime and low crushing operation cost.

5. Adopt PLC automatic control system, automatically adjust pressure and roller tooth gap according to the setting parameters, with high degree of automation, reducing the influence of manpower and human factors.

6. Adopt the domestic advanced nitrogen hydraulic station control system to automatically discharge hard materials (iron, metal, etc.) to protect the machine and make bearings and main shaft longer using lifetime.

7. The water content has little effect for the crushing affection, and material water content can reach 30%.

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