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Compound Cone Crusher

Compound Cone Crusher

Compound cone crusher is a modern high performance crusher integrating high swing frequency, optimized cavity type and reasonable stroke, which is designed and developed by SANFEI company on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign cone technology and based on the principle of laminating crushing and the concept of more crushing and less grinding according to the needs of customers. It is with hydraulic system to clean the crushing cavity, which reduces the downtime. In addition, there are more crushing cavity types for option to meet different customers’requirement.
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Technical parameter

Principal Features

• Novel, unique, simple and reasonable structure, balanced operation, and low operating cost.

•The main body of the cone crusher is with casting steel structure, and there are reinforcing ribs at the high stress points of the heavy load position.

• Both ends of the drive shaft of the cone crusher are equipped with tapered roller bearings. The power drive is completed by a heavy-duty bevel gear. The bearing seat adopts a skeleton seal ring to prevent lubricant leakage.

• The cone crusher has inner and outer copper sleeves (ie inner copper and outer copper), a steel spherical seat and a spherical copper. The dust-proof ring is floated by the spring placed in the spherical seat, and plays an adjusting role during the operation of the machine.

•The cone crusher contains a hydraulic hole adjustment mechanism, which is convenient for quickly adjusting the discharge opening of the cone crusher.

•The hydraulic cavity cleaning mechanism is the standard configuration of the cone crusher, which is completed by several cavity cleaning hydraulic jacks placed on the base of the body.

• The cone crusher provides "spring-type" iron release protection.

•The cone crusher adopts a set of external lubrication system including oil pump, oil tank and pipeline. When the oil temperature is too high or the oil flow rate is too slow, the crusher will be shut down automatically.

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